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Behind The Number 49: Robert Sands Can Make This Number His Own

If Robert Sands is the type of person that would rather wear a number with limited historical impact during the franchise, picking number 49 would be as good a number as any.

Guy Frazier, the Bengals fourth round selection during the 1981 NFL Draft, was born in Detroit, Michigan. During his rookie season, Frazier returned home during Super Bowl XVI and made the first hit of the game, forcing a fumble on the game's opening kickoff that was recovered by John Simmons. Frazier, the first Bengals player to wear #49 in franchise history, played four seasons with the Bengals before joining the Buffalo Bills for a couple of seasons.

Frazier is the son of Andre Frazier, who also played with the Cincinnati Bengals as a linebacker, mostly on special teams. Other Bengals players sporting #49 including Jeff Thomason (1992-1993), Robert Bean (2000) and Darius Hill (2009).

Unlike Clint Boling's #65 or Andy Dalton's #14, Sands will have the oppotunity to make #49 his own.