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UC's Dan Hoard To Replace Brad Johansen In The Bengals Radio Booth

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For the last 11 seasons, Brad Johansen and Dave Lapham have been the voice for the Bengals during games on the Bengals radio network. People liked them. Brad's enthusiasm during a touchdown, especially when Rudi scored. And Dave Lapham is just Dave Lapham. Which is another way of saying, awesome. Unfortunately, the run has finally come to an end.

According to Joe Reedy and Geoff Hobson (we'd rather not pick when they both break a story), Brad Johansen will be replaced by Dan Hoard, who recently calls UC Bearcats football and basketball games, as well as the radio voice for the Red Sox AAA team.

According to Reedy:

There had been rumblings of a possible change for a couple months. Most are still surprised though because of the energy and rapport that  Johansen and Lapham have in the booth. The one frequent comment was “why tinker with a good thing?”

According to Hobson:

While revamping their radio marketing and production, the Bengals have yet to announce which radio station is their partner for the upcoming season. The club now has control of the sales and operations of the broadcasts as well as the production and location of special shows that remain on Monday and Wednesday nights and Friday afternoons.

This isn't on the level of Marty Brennaman and the Ol' Lefthander when Joe Nuxhall reduced his workload. But it will be different.