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McShay: Bengals Select Florida Cornerback Janoris Jenkins In 2012 Mock Draft

If you find no use with 2012 mock drafts, then I suppose you could read about the Bengals minicamps. Oh wait. Maybe the team's free agency movement will entice you. Snap. I guess we'll just have to find something for you to read, something for you to debate on. And for this post (and another today), we're going with another 2012 mock draft -- something we admittedly wouldn't run as often during a normal offseason.

The Bengals will select anywhere from fourth to tenth according to the inexact science of guessing one's ass off; unknowns include where team's select, how exactly will declare for the draft and that prospect's final season in college.

That being said, SB Nation has the Bengals selecting Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy eighth overall. Fox Sports' Peter Schrager selects Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris fourth overall.

ESPN's Todd McShay, who writes that it's never too early for a mock draft (a 2018 mock draft seems a bit overzealous), has the Bengals selecting a cornerback. Except this time it's Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins, selected tenth overall.

Jenkins' status is unknown after he was dismissed by Florida in late April following a second arrest on a charge of marijuana possession in a three-month span. He could elect for the 2011 supplemental draft, but at this point, he remains one of the top 2012 corner prospects. Watch his handling of 2010 first-round pick A.J. Green to see just how good Jenkins is.

We've said to the point of sounding like a broken record, the Bengals will have to retool their cornerback position, even if they sign Johnathan Joseph long-term. We have a story coming up today about how we shouldn't sleep on Korey Lindsey; but the truth on him is that he's raw and will need time to develop and prove that he can handle the elite receivers in the NFL.