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Andrew Perloff: Bengals Select Iowa Tackle Riley Reiff In 2012 Mock Draft

As promised during the Todd McShay 2012 Mock Draft, we had another mock draft to post. And you might like this one. Most of next year's mock drafts incorporate a need at defensive tackle or in the secondary -- notably at cornerback. Definite needs. We worry though, will the team's patch-worked offensive line with more undrafted free agents than drafted players cause Andy Dalton to age ten-fold in a single season? This isn't a knock on undrafted free agents. But there's a reason 250-plus players were drafted amongst 32 NFL teams, forcing undrafted free agents to kick an empty can down the dirt road after the seventh round while Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone plays in the background.

Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff blows that out of the water, recognizing one of the team's needs that the Bengals keep putting off. Most of you will surely smile so wide that it's not unlike the the Jericho fan club that was granted a second awfully thrown together season.

With the Bengals selecting seventh overall, Perloff has Cincinnati selecting Iowa Offensive Tackle Riley Reiff.

At a school known for producing good offensive linemen, Reiff might be the best of the last decade. He's got a nasty attitude and will be NFL-ready.

Doesn't it tingle the hell out of your football marbles when a player is described with the word nasty? The truth is, by this time next year the Bengals offensive line will have to be addressed. Even with the team selecting Clint Boling, we still thought it should have been addressed this year. Signed into the 2012 season will be Andrew Whitworth, Andre Smith and Reggie Stephens. And it's not like Smith has filled confidence in the coaching staff about his durability or quality of play. Stephens was listed on the inactive list during all 16 games last season and if Kyle Cook is re-signed when the labor war is settled, we're not sure he'll see the field. We might as well assume Clint Boling will be another signed in 2012, unless he does a Ricky Hunley.

Essentially that will be your offensive line, providing the Bengals a context to upgrading the offensive line by not putting so much faith in undrafted free agents, which currently rules today's roster.

(h/t James for the link)