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Around the AFC North: Steelers Ward Detained at Gunpoint in Stolen Car Mix-up

On the heels of running back Rashard Mendenhall's misguided attempt to bring perspective to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, another Pittsburgh Steelers player has made some bad news, this time of the TMZ variety. Around about 2AM, west coast time, wide receiver and Mr. Kool Aid double Hines Ward was handcuffed and detained at gunpoint by the LAPD. Fresh of his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Ward was tooling around the L.A. streets this morning as a passenger in a Honda Civic when the po-po flashed their lights, pulled the car over, and with firearms drawn removed and handcuffed Ward and his unidentified female companion on the suspicion that they were driving a stolen car. The whole thing appears to be a misunderstanding, as Ward's companion had reported the car stolen "after an incident with a valet" and neglected to cancel the report once she was able to get the car back. After the police verified her story, the two were allowed to leave.

Via Facebook, Ward commented:

To my fans,
The incident in the news that involved me getting pulled over. I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding. The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it's now in the past. Moving forward...Hines

He also told ESPN that:

"There's not a story. It was a misunderstanding and the police apologized to me. I didn't get arrested. I don't have a reaction to a non-story."

A non-story, not so much, but clearly a mix-up, a la the detainment of the Bengals own Adam Jones back in October. But there are some questions here. For one, Chris Chase over at Yahoo! Sports asks what many of us are thinking: "a Honda Civic? Hines couldn't spring for the Accord for he and his lady friend? I know the lockout has made it tough for NFL players, but come on." Secondly, and more unbelievably, how is it that with now 11 incidents of player run-ins with the law, the only Bengal news to find its way onto TMZ is Chad Ochocinco's engagement and his denial of knocking up a fan? Crazytown.