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Cris Collinsworth Weighs in on the Cincinnati Bengals First Round Pick

While Josh was weighing in on Cris Collinsworth's place in Bengals history, Collinsworth was sharing his thoughts on the top five picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. The former Bengals wide receiver is going through all the first round picks, five at a time, on

He said that the Cam Newton pick was too risky for a No. 1 overall selection, that Von Miller was the best player in the draft  and that Marcell Dareus is a can't miss pick. That brought him to the Bengals who selected A.J. Green with the fourth overall pick.

Cincinnati: AJ Green: Incredible talent and quickness for a big man. His hands are as good as I have seen in years coming out of college. 4.5 speed a concern. I thought even college defensive backs could easily run with him. He may play more like Larry Fitzgerald playing above defensive backs instead of behind them. Pick allows the Bengals to rid themselves of headaches at WR if they choose. Coin toss for me with Julio Jones.

Who better to analyze the Bengals pick of a wide receiver than a former Bengals wide receiver?

I doubt that Green's 4.5 speed will be much a concern, though. Green made so many acrobatic catches while in college at Georgia that they seem to be second nature to him. But, I must say, that I really like the comparison to Arizona Cardinal's wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Most interestingly, though, is Collinsworth's comments about the Bengals being able to rid themselves of headaches. Of course we know that he means Terrell Owens but mostly Chad Ochocinco. We've talked about the possibility that the Bengals picking Green would mean the end of Chad in Cincinnati. The man himself even seems to acknowledge that his time as a Bengal is likely coming to an end.

He'd be perfect,i've done all i can,my time is upRT @bengalrypo: @ochocinco if the Bengals take A.J. Green do u think they are letting u go?less than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

However, we've also written that the Bengals might not be rid of their headache as soon as Collinsworth believes that they may be. Even if Chad could be traded, most teams don't really have a need for an aging wide receiver who has failed to produce in the recent pass, especially when that wide receiver comes with a $6 million price tag. Is it smarter to keep him on the roster for one more season for $6 million or let him walk, getting nothing in return, for half that much? If you let him play one more season in stripes, they could let him go in 2012 for free.

We're just going to have to wait and see. Because of the current lockout, none of this matters. Chad Ochocinco's future will be one of the major Bengals story lines when normal operation is allowed to resume.