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Bengals Quarterback Coach Ken Zampese Excited About Changes

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Think about quarterback coach Ken Zampese for a minute. Last season Zampese coached Carson Palmer, whose primary targets were Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, orchestrating Bob Bratkowski's offensive system. Within a few months, the Bengals hired a new offensive coordinator in Jay Gruden, a new wide receivers coach in James Urban while drafting a new quarterback and wide receiver in the 2011 NFL Draft. The only thing that will look similar for Zampese is the team's uniform. And we think those are remaining the same, but who knows at this point.

Regardless, the changes that are happening has Zampese excited.

"Its been a lot of fun. It’s guys who have done it. You’re developing new relationships in the process. There’s a lot riding on it. It’s been fun to speak your mind, have other ideas thrown at you, you throw ideas out and you come to a conclusion on things that are important. Over time you come to a solid conclusion on who you want and how they fit."

But his greater excitement comes from working with a new quarterback.

"If I could do a backflip I would do it. We’re starting fresh with a new guy and a new skill group. We’ve got a bunch of young ones that we can get going all in the right direction and that’s encouraging. They are all hungry and young together like we did in the first group. They’re all in a three-year window. We can reestablish the bar and I don’t see any impediments to that."

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