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Peter King Believes Quarterback Rex Grossman Will Take Redskins First Snap In 2011 Regular Season

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As we parse through the dreaded off-season made even more dreadful with lockouts, shutdowns and whatever life-altering descriptive word/phrase we hope to avoid, one thing we're starting to keep our eye on is news regarding free agent quarterbacks. Why? Honestly. You're asking that? No. For one thing, we're not sure how the Bengals will address the quarterback position when football returns. The team could simply give the key to the city to rookie Andy Dalton and say, "sink or swim." Or they could sign a veteran free agent quarterback that could act as a bridge between The "Franchise" and the rookie.

Regardless, as they debate the issue amongst themselves, we turn our focus on free agent quarterbacks or quarterbacks that could be free agents. On Sunday, we wrote that Matt Hasselbeck seems like a very unlikely candidate because of the money is would take to entice a free agent quarterback of his caliber and history to come into a team that went 4-12 last season to simply baby sit the quarterback position before Andy Dalton was ready. That would seem beneath Hasselbeck, who we largely assume will want to sign with someone with a good chance at playoffs if he doesn't return to Seattle. As the hardcore Bengals fans that we are, I don't believe that Cincinnati is currently in position to make that run this season.

Another quarterback on a very limited list of veteran free agents is Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman. Another unlikely candidate; if we were on Lost, his name would be crossed out in chalk inside a dark cave. Sports Illustrated's Peter King believes that Grossman will return to Washington as the starting quarterback for the 2011 season.