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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell To Hold Conference Call With Bengals Season Ticket Holders

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is speaking to NFL fans, obviously reaching out to the core of the league's biggest fans, perhaps listening to gripes, vents and soapbox rants. Perhaps a little clarification and less political campaigning would be ideal; though one can't necessarily find fault in campaigning -- that's just the nature of winning public opinion. In the end we're not exactly sure who to blame, only that the two sides of this prolonged dispute will cut into our football time. And that's a no-holds barred assault on anyone without repercussion and without mercy.

According to Geoff Hobson, the Commissioner will hold a thirty-minute conference call with Bengals season ticket holders on Wednesday. Marvin Lewis will follow that up with thirty minutes of his own with the same ticket holders. Most of the conversation with the Commissioner will obviously be about the labor dispute.

"The commissioner is going to talk about whatever questions people have and I certainly expect he'll give our season ticket holders an update on where things stand with the collective bargaining agreement," said Jeff Berding, the club's director of sales and public affairs. "We had an excellent draft that has people excited and Marvin can speak to that, as well as some changes on the coaching staff during the offseason."