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Question Of The Day: Should The Bengals Take A Flyer On Buckeyes' Terrell Pryor If He Enters The Supplemental Draft?

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When I first heard about the allegations against Ohio State's Jim Tressel, my initial thought was Terrelle Pryor was the one that's going to bring Tressel and the University down. After years of dominating the Big Ten, and in many cases, as one of the top 2-3 teams in the nation, the Buckeyes are at the top of the roller coaster, ready to take the plunge into NCAA sanctions. We know it's coming and many of us, residents of Buckeye nation, are bracing for sanctions worse than what Southern California received.

Pryor, in my opinion, isn't that great of a quarterback in college and I find it hard to believe he'll amount to anything in the NFL as a passer. His talent and athleticism are tremendous, no doubt. Yet he's unrefined and it's not like the Buckeyes have a history of successful quarterbacks in the NFL. Place Pryor in a pocket and he's particularly ineffective against good defenses, relying completely on his legs to get himself out of jams. Don't get me wrong; he was exciting and he did get himself out of tremendously tough circumstances with his legs. And he did have games where his arm was impressive. But the NFL? Not as a quarterback.

There's speculation that after Tressel's resignation, Pryor could join the Supplemental Draft.

Our question of the day is this: If Pryor is in the Supplemental Draft, do you take a chance on drafting him? You can do whatever you want with him. Make him a backup quarterback, an athlete that plays several positions, but the important questions is, do you draft him. Remember that if you do draft him, you lose that corresponding selection in the next draft. For example, if the Bengals drafted him in the fifth round, they would be without a fifth round pick during the 2012 NFL Draft.