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Reedy: Bengals Players Planning A Team Workout In Cincinnati Next Week

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According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals players will gather for a players-only workout next week in Cincinnati. The team's All-Pro (in our hearts) left tackle Andrew Whitworth and defensive tackle Domata Peko are spearheading the effort to get the entire team together for a couple of days.

“A lot of the players will be there including the draft picks. We’re just getting a final schedule together right now,” Whitworth said.

Players have been working out in groups recently, ranging from Whitworth's offensive linemen workout in Louisiana after his charity golf outing, a select group on defense and offense (if you include Bobbie Williams and Jerome Simpson) working out at Ignition APG to the skills-only players conducting a workout in Southern California.

Some question the use of these private workouts. General Managers wait for the first player to suffer a major injury. Others believe it's showing the player's hand. By working out, staying in shape and being ready for the season whenever it starts, it doesn't pressure the owners enough to get a deal done because in the owner's mind, the players are doing exactly what they want them to do.

Regardless of how you look at it, I believe the most important fact is chemistry. A.J. Green needs to develop chemistry with his receiver friends and his quarterbacks. And Andy Dalton needs to do the same with his receivers, tight ends and his big brothers, the offensive line. Rey Maualuga needs to get in the middle of the defensive huddle to show his leadership qualities and conduct drills to gain the respect of his defensive followers. You always hear it from players; in the end, it always comes down to chemistry. Doing whatever you have to do to pick your teammates up and not let them down.