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Michael Silver Takes The Carolina Panthers To Task: Actually Rants Out A Point

As most of you will agree, the best postings are those that embark on a quest to show passion through the granular and perfectionist art of the English language. We admit. Our postings are simply better when we're pissed off, ranging with pissivity (Chad influenced). Reading monotone articles can feel boring, as if you're reading a story that you can't get invested in.

But Michael Silver. Boy. Michael Silver. Rant and have fun.

His issue? Carolina Panther players holding a private workout while hiring a cop that told reporters to stay away. Silver takes the serve and strikes (or more appropriate Tennis-like metaphor).

This just in, guys: Nobody wants to steal any of your secrets, unless they’re looking for a primer on how not to play professional football. And by locking out reporters – and, by extension, your fans – in the midst of a lockout, you are damaging your cause on numerous levels.

In truth, Silver's rant evolve into a larger context within a message to the players. Allow the media to present your case to the public as hard working men while the man tries to keep you down. That being said, Silver unleashes his final zinger.

Nice work, Panthers. On a positive note, once the lockout ends and the games begin, you’ll have to play a lot better than you did last year to merit any coverage whatsoever from reporters like me.