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Adam Jones: Terrelle Pryor Shouldn't Be "Thrown Up Under" The Bus For What He's Done

I'm not terribly shy about admitting my Ohio State Buckeyes fandom. Nor am I shy about admitting that I like the Bearcats. So the odd combination of being fans of two Ohio teams doesn't apply here. That being said, being happy that Terrelle Pryor isn't returning to Ohio State doesn't even begin to describe my joy. He's a fine athlete, but there were always questions (that turned into frustration) about his accuracy and decision-making. Often his legs bailed the offense out of a long third down conversion -- a situation that he often put the offense in himself.

Terrelle Pryor's lawyer said on Thursday that the quarterback isn't interested in joining the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders, who acquired his negotiating rights earlier this week. That was after the lawyer informed the public that Pryor no longer intends to cooperate with NCAA investigators after leaving Ohio State amid several investigations that he's the primary focus on.

"He doesn't need a reason (to talk to them). He's no longer a student-athlete," said James, who added Pryor doesn't feel he owes the NCAA any answers.

Besides the cars provided by local dealerships that may have given a tremendous discount to other Buckeyes players, including the quarterback, Pryor allegedly received between $20,000 and $40,000 from a freelance photographer for signing memorabilia. The ESPN report also suggests other Buckeyes may have received compensation for their John Hancock.

That being said, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones spoke on the issue with 102.3 The Ticket in Denver, sympathizing with Pryor.

"First of all, you've got to understand a kid that don't have nothing, and you're living from Pell Grant to every little check that you can ever muster," Jones said, when asked about being a student-athlete at West Virginia. "You only get $690, and that's paying the rent. So there would be times that you would attempt to do different things to make sure that you're OK. ... You get to a point where you need a couple extra dollars and (Pryor) shouldn't be thrown up under the bus for what he done.

Pryor is hopeful to join the NFL through the Supplemental Draft. It's questionable if one will happen with the current lockout issues, but as far as we know, it's still on. Would the Bengals use a fifth, sixth or seventh round pick on the athlete? The only thing is if they use that pick, they lose that round's pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. While I hope they leave it all alone, I can absolutely see them entertaining it. Playing him at quarterback? (four letter curse word)

Regardless, Pryor's biggest mistake was allowing his college career to be devastated because of the choices he's made. Pryor's second mistake was leaving Ohio State, even with an upcoming five-game suspension and additional investigations. Granted, we're happy for it as Buckeye fans but it doesn't bode well for him. Third, denying even an entertaining thought about joining a CFL team. Pryor needs work on the field if NFL teams are really going to take him seriously. As of now his immaturity will be highlighted on his scouting report, followed by a collection of questions about his accuracy and decision-making.