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Bengals to Start Selling Two-Game Ticket Packs on Tuesday

For those of you who love going to Bengals games so much that you want to go to more than one a season, but you just don't have the money to buy season tickets or a four-game pack, I have some good news.

The Bengals are going to start offering two-game packs on Tuesday, June 14. The tickets will cost the same amount as a single-game ticket, so from $65-$85, and can be purchased in all three levels of Paul Brown Stadium.

Like the four-game packs and season tickets, buyers of two-game packs will have preferred seating over single-game ticket buyers and will also have priority of single-game ticket buyers in the unlikely event of a home 2011 playoff game.

Flex purchasing options will be for the two most popular games, Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati on Oct. 16 and Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati on Nov. 13. You will be able to buy either one of those games and one of the other six home games. Or you could decide to get two of the six games that will be played against teams other than the Colts or Steelers.

If you are interested, you can go here or call 866-621-TDTD (8383).