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Veterans Of Cincinnati: Best Bengals Players To Wear No. 21 - No. 30 All-Time

Ickey_woods_mediumWe almost made it more complicated than it needed to be this week. After quickly selecting the best Bengals players to wear the jersey numbers from 1-10 and then 11-20, we had somewhat of an easy week. In announcing the next set of ten jersey numbers, we point out the obvious announcements such as James Brooks, Lewis Billups, Bobby Kemp, Corey Dillon, Chip Myers and Artrell Hawkins. Ickey Woods was another obvious selection, but to keep things interesting, we ran a poll for No. 30, as well for No. 22 and No. 23.

It came down to experience amongst the fans for No. 23. Older fans watched Eric Thomas during the Bengals hugely successful late 80s era while Johnathan Joseph is fresh in our minds after completing his fifth season in Cincinnati. We're not sure if the poll were limited to only fans that experienced the Bengals of the late 80s if Joseph would have won 59% of the vote over Eric Thomas, who secured 36% of the vote. And that doesn't include the clowns that actually voted for Kim Herring over Joseph and Thomas; we probably won't include every name anymore.

It isn't more evident than the clowns that voted for Chris Snelling or Nick Luchey over Ickey Woods, who won 83% of the vote for no. 30. Corey Sawyer, who had a serviceable if not effective Bengals career, won 30% of the vote for no. 23, beating Bernard Jackson by four votes.

Now, on to our players.

Number Pos. Years
No. 21: James Brooks RB 1984-1991
No. 22: Johnathan Joseph CB 2006-2010
No. 23: Corey Sawyer CB 1994-1998
No. 24: Lewis Billups CB 1986-1991
No. 25: Chip Myers WR 1969-1976
No. 26: Bobby Kemp SS 1981-1986
No. 27: Artrell Hawkins CB 1998-2003
No. 28: Corey Dillon RB 1997-2003
No. 29: Leon Hall CB 2007-2010
No. 30: Ickey Woods RB 1988-1991