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Poll: Best Bengals Player To Wear No. 31 All-Time

Now that we have our first thirty numbers of the best Bengals players in the books, we can move on with numbers 31-40.

Darryl Williams had two tours with the Bengals, each time wearing No. 31, earning a Pro Bowl and All-Pro selection in 1997 when he played for the Seattle Seahawks. From 1992-1995 and 2000-2001, Williams played for Cincinnati finishing his Bengals career with 9.5 quarterback sacks, 11 interceptions with two returned for touchdowns. He also forced six fumbles and recovered nine while posting 446 tackles and recording a safety in 1995 as the team's free safety. Williams was the Bengals first round selection during the 1992 NFL Draft.

Jeremi Johnson spent several seasons wearing number 31 before wearing number 23 in 2009. Johnson was apart of the successful Bengals offense in the mid-2000 seasons; notably 2004-2006 where he was the fullback helping pave the way for Rudi Johnson's 36 rushing touchdowns during those three seasons. Jeremi Johnson also posted 60 receptions for 301 yards receiving and six touchdowns.

Finally Ickey Woods, who won the vote for No. 30, returns having worn No. 31 for the first eight games during his 1988 rookie season. Other players having worn No. 31 includes Fletcher Smith, Greg Myers and Roy Williams.