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Poll: Best Bengals Player To Wear No. 36 All-Time

Now that we have our first thirty numbers of the best Bengals players in the books, we can move on with numbers 31-40.

Typically we run these polls in chronological order, provided we even have a poll for a number. With the poll for best Bengals player to wear No. 31 alive, this would technically be the slot for No. 32. However, we're holding off on that one until tonight because high-profile players it involves that might require additional time for supreme posting location (aka, at the top). So we're moving on to the next one.

No. 36 doesn't provide much in historical measurables, but we do have recognizable names. One of the more prominent being running back Stanford Jennings, a seven-year Bengals running back, who returned a 93-yard kickoff for a touchdown during Super Bowl XXIII. Jennings posted 19 touchdowns with the Bengals as a running back (nine rushing touchdowns and nine receiving touchdowns) and as one of the team's primary kick returners (one touchdown).

Other names include Lenvil Elliott, Ostell Miles, John Busing and more recently Chris Pressley.