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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend full of whatever shenanigans you decide to participate in. Hopefully everyone's work week starts off on the right foot, but it's Monday. Enough said.

Alright so the following is based on a true experience of mine. The other week I went to the gym and instead of doing the usual cardio work I decided to seek help from a trainer. I approached this buff-looking guy named Tony who works at the gym and told him I was looking to get into better shape, but with the help from a trainer. He led me to his office where were going to discuss some available options that would fit my budget and schedule. During our conversation he asked me what I was looking for and with a straight face I told him that I wanted a body like Bengals offensive lineman Andre Smith. He responded with a laugh and pointed out the door towards Chipotle and McDonald's. And with that I got up and walked towards Chipotle for some lunch.

If I get into the kind of shape Andre Smith is in, then maybe I'll call up Mike Brown to see if he'll pay me the big bucks to warm up the bench. I think it's worth a shot.

Okay, just so you know I DO NOT actually want to have a body like Andre Smith. I told the trainer that just to see what his reaction was going to be. 

Alright now that I have shared that story it's time to catch you up on what went on over the weekend. Here's everything that you may have missed or overlooked from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.