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Make Sure You Get Your Vote In

During the past three weekends we've ran a series of postings announcing our choices for the best Bengals players to wear a certain uniform number. Our methodology isn't complicated at all. We make the obvious selections (like Boomer Esiason, Ken Anderson, Anthony Munoz) while posting polls for the least obvious selections. Those polls run for less than a weekend and we announce those winners at the same time we release the next batch of numbers.

With No. 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 already in the books, we've moved on to 31-40 last weekend.

Most of these selections hit on the obvious, save for three that we ran polls for.

No. 31: Even though we're pretty sure Ickey Woods will win this poll and after already winning the poll for No. 30, we wanted to give another player a fair shake at winning No. 31 without a player taking on two numbers like Jim Breech has. In Woods' case, he wore the number for only eight games during his rookie season where as Darryl Williams had a serviceably to productive career with the Bengals. Vote for your choice.

No. 32: An interesting poll between Rudi Johnson and Cedric Benson is taking shape. We compared Rudi Johnson's best three consecutive seasons to Benson's three seasons in Cincinnati. Who gets your vote?

No. 36: Stanford Jennings, Lenvil Elliot and Brandon Bennett. Vote.

Our effort here is to make the mundane lockout at least a little entertaining and informative for younger fans who might not even know some of these names.