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More Evidence That Andrew Whitworth Is One Of The NFL's Best Offensive Tackles

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This is the only picture we really have of Andrew Whitworth but it's really <em>that</em> awesome.
This is the only picture we really have of Andrew Whitworth but it's really that awesome.

There's a reason that Andrew Whitworth was voted as the team's Most Valuable Player by the Football Writers of America after the 2010 season came to a merciful end. There's a reason why fans across the National Football League nation took so much notice of him that he was voted as the best offensive tackle during the fan vote portion of the Pro Bowl. It's because he's damn good.

However Pro Football Focus decided to actually formulate a, well, formula to describe Whitworth's badassery.

Sacks added to three quarters of Hits and Hurries, divided by the amount of snaps in pass protection multiplied by a 100. That’s the Pass Blocking Inefficiency formula

It's a simplistic formula of a player's Pass Blocking Efficiency that incorporates quarterback sacks into other general pass rushing attributes as described above. Based off that, Whitworth's 3.07 Pass Blocking Efficiency score ranks second amongst all NFL offensive tackles behind Miami's Jake Long.

Whitworth allowed three quarterbacks sacks all season to the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts. What's really impressive is that during the Bengals final ten games in 2010, quarterbacks were hit only twice by guys Whitworth was blocking. That's 391 passing plays that Whitworth only allowed two hits on a quarterback.

On the flip side, Dennis Roland was rated as one of the worst pass protection efficient right tackles posting a PBE of 6.97. Seven quarterback sacks allowed, 16 quarterback pressures and seven quarterback hits on 348 passing plays tends to do that to you.