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Peter King: Ken Anderson's Hall Of Fame Candidacy Should Include Point Of No Super Bowls


It was worth noting that Peter King of Sports Illustrated took enough noticeable movement in the campaign to get Ken Anderson into the Hall of Fame through the Senior Committee; Anderson is finally eligible for enshrinement in 2012. King decided to relate Anderson's candidacy to a current Hall of Fame quarterback in Dan Marino.

Neither won a Super Bowl. Both played in one. Both lost to Joe Montana. Each was two games below .500 as a post-season quarterback.

That being said. Those are the exact reasons why King things the momentum for Anderson should be slightly tempered.

What I don't like about advocates for anything -- the Hall of Fame, MVP, who's better at some position or other -- is ignoring some factors at the expense of others. And though I have great regard for Anderson's career and understand how difficult it was to climb Mount Pittsburgh every season in the same division as the Steelers, you can't ignore the fact that he won no Super Bowls and two playoff games in 16 seasons -- 13 of which he was the Cincinnati starter. That shouldn't determine whether he gets in or not, but it certainly needs to be a factor in whether he does.

These arguments have long been noted by Bengals fans; most of whom think Anderson should get in for his effectiveness and production during the era he played. But King is right. Anderson never won a Super Bowl and that always weighs heavily on judging one's career.