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Bengals Have A Stable Of Receivers That Are "Extremely Impressive"

There's no question that the Bengals are going through serious changes this year. New quarterback. Possibly new running back. Maybe a new middle linebacker, a new safety from a year ago and whatever changes happen at defensive end.

Those changes extend to wide receiver. In the span of one year, the Bengals will go from Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens to any combination of Jerome Simpson, A.J. Green, Jordan Shipley and Andre Caldwell. Is that a concern having so many younger wide receivers with Green being a rookie, Shipley a second-year player, Simpson having only a handful of games and Caldwell being the elder statesmen?


According to the Scout Inc.'s Matt Williamson, the Bengals have a young stable of receivers that are extremely impressive. The ESPN Insider article takes an overview approach of the things we've talked about already; Jerome Simpson's breakout, Andre Caldwell's return, Jordan Shipley's impression and A.J. Green's prospects. But there is one concern with the Bengals aerial attack and it doesn't have much to do with the receivers.

Unfortunately, although there is a lot of young receiving talent in Cincinnati, I doubt Andy Dalton's ability to get them the football. Personally, I would love to see Green or Simpson in a big-time, downfield passing offense like the one in San Diego. Still, I was tempted to rank the Bengals first in the AFC North at the wide receiver position.