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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! We have made it through the first day of the work week in one piece....hopefully we made it through in one piece. If not then I reccommend you buy some duct tape to piece yourself back together. Duct tape can fix it all. Trust me it may not be pretty, but it does the job.

Anyways gather around for yet another story. So the other day I was out eating when all of a sudden one of the employees at the restaurant came up to me with a pen and paper asking for my autograph. I was completely baffled and couldn't figure out why this person wanted my signature. I mean, I'm no one special, just your typical "Average Joe" who is trying to make it through this game we call life. When I went to pay my check I noticed the employee standing and conversating with their fellow coworkers. I overheard them saying there's Shipley or something that sounded like that. Apparently the young employee thought I was Bengals wider receiver Jordan Shipley. I tried to get a free meal out of it, but to no prevail, especially when my true identity was revealed to everyone. Needless to say it gave everyone something to laugh about and it was a rather amusing experience that I won't forget.

Here's what you may have missed or overlooked from Monday.

  • Over the past three weekends we've been running a series regarding the best Bengals player of all-time to wear a certain number and now is the time for you to cast your vote.
  • Speculation as to whether anymore Bengals player, other than Terrell Owens who at this point will be a former Bengal in 2011, will crack the top player list for 2011.
  • The Bengals seem to have a strong core of receivers that are extremely impressive. Hopefully A.J. Green can team up with Jordan Shipley to form a dynamic duo for years to come.
  • According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated the fact that Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson won zero Super Bowls during his career should have an impact on his ability to get enshrined in the Hall of Fame.
  • Even more reasons as to why the Bengals Andrew Whitworth is one of the best offensive tackles in the league. 
  • Bengals defensive backs coach is expecting big things from safety Reggie Nelson who will entering his second season in Cincinnati. Hopefully he will meet those expectations.
  • Former Bengals wide receiver Reggie McNeal was traded in the CFL. He was traded from the Toronto Argonauts to the Calgary Stampeders.