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Chad Ochocinco to Practice with Terrelle Pryor Today

Alright, so what's this all about then?

Looking forward to tomorrow's route running at 11 am Throwing with Terrell Pryorless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply


This Tweet from Ochocinco last night is raising a collective eyebrow as speculation begins about the implied meaning of it all.

Already suspended for the first five games of next season by the NCAA and THE Ohio State University for trading memorabilia for cash and services from the owner of a Columbus tattoo parlor and selling his autograph to a photographer -- a revelation that has led to the resignation of former deity Jim Tressel as head coach of the Buckeyes and opened up a maelstrom at OSU -- Pryor has elected to end his college career and enter the NFL. He's begun that journey by spurning offers to play in the CFL and then hiring mega-agent Drew Rosenhaus, with whom he will hold a press conference today at 2 PM ET at the Fountainbleau Hotel on Miami Beach. 

"There will be some heartfelt things he's going to say. It's going to be very genuine," Rosenhaus told Farrey.

Presumably, Rosenhaus is suggesting that Pryor will make an apology for his misbehavior at Ohio State (I'm sure we'll all weep at the sincerity of it all). The conference will be televised on ESPN, but before then it looks likes Pryor will be running around with the Ocho. This is likely nothing more than a stunt orchestrated by Rosenhaus, who is also the agent for Ochocinco (you might recall his bumbling effort to get the then-Chad Johnson traded in 2008). Pryor appears to be angling for an entry into the 2011 NFL supplemental draft, so Rosenhaus has likely recruited Ochocinco to help raise attention to Pryor's NFL ability (I suspect we'll shortly be hearing from Chad about how NFL ready Pryor is, what a great passer, mobile, etc. etc.), although Chad's endorsement might not carry a great deal of weight these days.

While cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones would give Pryor a get out of jail free card, we found out here that Bengals fans are less sympathetic, vehemently rejecting the idea of the team taking a flyer on Pryor in the supplemental draft.

I suspect there'll be more to this story later.