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Bobbie Williams Is One Of The League's Best Offensive Guards

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On Monday we added to the mounting evidence that Andrew Whitworth is growing into one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL, by way of a simplistic Pro Football Focus analysis of incorporating the different variables of general pass protection. Their formula is roughly:

Sacks added to three quarters of Hits and Hurries, divided by the amount of snaps in pass protection multiplied by a 100. That’s the Pass Blocking (In)Efficiency formula

He's also the team's top run blocker, even though he suffered a slight dip in his overall league rankings with a grade of 7.6 (ranks fifth amongst left tackles, which is better than Joe Thomas).

Yet, Whitworth isn't the only great (yes, I'm using that word) offensive lineman currently on the Bengals roster.

Bengals guard Bobbie Williams, who has started 109 of a possible 112 games since signing with Cincinnati in 2004, produced the league's best pass blocking efficiency amongst all offensive guards according to Pro Football Focus. Like Whitworth, Williams' production in run blocking took a slight dive, but he was still rated with the sixth best score amongst the right guards in the NFL.

On the other side of the coin, Nate Livings produced one of the worst Pass Blocking Efficiency grades. Sign Williams to another extension, let Livings go and get rookie Clint Boling ready for the season. See. This general manager thing can't be that hard.