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Bruce Kozerksi Named A Finalist For The NFL Teacher Of The Year Award

Bengals offensive lineman Bruce Kozerski started 138 games as a center and interior lineman for Cincinnati from 1984 through 1995. He was a three-time alternate for the Pro Bowl from 1988-90, named "Mr. Versatile" and the starting center against the San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl XXIII. Currently Kozerski is a high school teacher at Holy Cross High School in Covington, Kentucky where he is also the school's head coach for the Holy Cross football team.

Kozerski was one of ten finalists named for the 2011 NFL Teacher Of The Year Award; an award handed out to former NFL players that have taken up professions in teaching.

On Tuesday the NFL announced that Burt Grossman, with the Eagles and Chargers from 1989-94 won the $5,000 award that includes a $5,000 grant to Hoover High School, where Grossman teaches, from the NFL.

The Candidates.

Teacher/Former Player School Team/Years In NFL

Bobby Abrams

Tallahassee High School - Tallahassee, AL

1990-1996: Giants, Cowboys, Browns, Vikings, Patriots

Troy Drayton

Forest Glen Middle School - Coral Springs, FL

1993-2000: Rams, Dolphins, Chiefs

Brad Fichtel

Maurine Cain Middle School - Rockwell, TX

1993-1994: Rams

Burt Grossman

Hoover High School - San Diego, CA

1989-1994: Chargers, Eagles

Bruce Kozerski

Holy Cross High School - Covington, KY

1984-1995: Bengals

Gary Marangi

Patchogue-Medford High School - Gordon Heights, NY

1974-1976: Bills

Art Plunkett

Las Vegas High School - Las Vegas, NV

1981-1987: Cardinals, Patriots

Dave Rozumek

Salem High School - Salem, NH

1976-1979: Chiefs

Rob Rubick

Lapeer West High School - Lake Nepessing, MI

1982-1988: Lions

Cory Schlesinger

Allen Park High School - Allen Park, MI

1995-2006: Lions