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Bengals Early Bird Special

Alright, so there have been a lot of firsts during the current NFL lockout. And here's a list of some of those "first moments" that have taken place during the lockout:

  1. The Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title in franchise history. Good for them. As long as Miami didn't win it all, I could care less who won.
  2. The Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup since 1972 and first in my lifetime. And apparently Canuck fans aren't terribly thrilled with the outcome. I hate the Bruins. Go Flyers!
  3. I have been able to grow a beard. That was quite an accomplishment since I can't grow a beard.
  4. LeBron James showed up for the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals and won a ring. Oh wait, that didn't happen. Maybe next year. Or the year after that. Or the year after that. So much for that "dynasty" beginning this year.
  5. The Cincinnati Bengals have been able to stay out of trouble with the law. We'll take our small victories.
  6. For the first time since 2001, Jim Tressel will not be the head coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes. For me, that's a bit disappointing, but I agree that he should be held accountable for his actions.
  7. Brett Favre retired. Oh wait, hasn't that happened 75,854,007 times now? I've lost track by this point in time.
  8. I stopped quoting lines from Lord of the Rings, Scrubs, House, and any other television shows or movies that I enjoy watching. For the most part....
  9. Politicians have been in the news for politics only. Oh wait, that's a lie. How could I have forgotten about the latest politician to make headlines for a scandal, Rep. Anthony Weiner.
  10. Steve Carell officially left the hit show The Office. That must have been hard. I was always left satisfied and smiling afterwards....That's what she said.

I won't lie it was kind of a slow day on the news front for football and the Bengals. But here's what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.

  • The Bengals Cedric Benson broke tackles on only 8.6 percent of his runs in 2010. Hopefully that number will improve next season, as long as Benson is a member of the Bengals.
  • Bengals rookie safety Robert Sands has reached out to Domata Peko. Well that's good news to hear that Sands reached out to Peko after their miscommunication.
  • The mayor of Indianapolis proposed a "municipal alliance for taxpayer equity in sports."
  • According to ESPN the Magazine, the Bengals are the worst franchise in sports. Well I beg to differ personally. Can anyone say Pittsburgh Pirates?
  • The Bengals Rey Maualuga is going to be taking on a new leadership role. Well congrats to Maualuga and his eagerness to take on a new role with the Bengals. Hopefully it pans out for the better in the long-run.
  • Former Bengals center Bruce Kozerksi has been named a finalist for the NFL teacher of the year award. Congrats to Bruce. Hopefully he wins the award, but if not at least he made it this far.