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John Thornton: Jordan Palmer Is "Way Ahead" Of The Other Bengals Quarterbacks

Jordan Palmer has attempted only 15 passes in his three-year NFL career, posting ten completions for 59 yards passing, two touchdowns, four picks and a career quarterback rating of 34.4. Andy Dalton is the team's second round draft pick during the 2011 NFL Draft and expected long-term solution after Jordan's older brother Carson demanded a trade or else he'll retire; not returning no matter what is what we're hinting at here.

Dan LeFevour, signed off waivers by the Bengals on September 5 last year, rounds out the team's quarterbacks. Like Dalton, LeFevour has no pass attempts in his NFL career.

One of our most important questions when it comes to the Bengals this summer (and eventually fall), will be the quarterback situation. Until free agency begins at the start of the new league year, the Bengals will have to choose between Jordan Palmer, Andy Dalton and Dan LeFevour.

That being said, of those already on the team, former Bengals defensive tackle John Thornton believes that "Jordan Palmer is way ahead of the" rest of the quarterbacks.

As I said on here before, Jordan looks the part. He just doesn’t have the game experience. But I liked what I saw from him. He can make every throw and loves taking shots downfield. Andy Dalton looked good but he threw too many check downs, so it was hard for me to judge him as a drop back QB. He needs time to get used to things and not having the benefit of the spread offense. He was comfortable with the guys though, so that will help him. QB Dan LeFevour was out there as well. This is my first time seeing him in person. I was standing and watching with his college coach, Butch Jones, so I got some good insight on what kind of guy he is. Smart, instinctive, good leader. I hear he’s been working really hard this offseason. Looked ok out there as well, but hard to tell without having DL rushing.