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Bengals Make Changes In The Front Office (Not Those Changes)

According to the Business Courier (, the Cincinnati Bengals promoted Brian Sells to director of corporate sales, marketing and broadcasting. We was previously the assistant director before Vince Cicero took the job of Director of the Western and Southern Open tennis tournament in Mason.

Sells’ promotion prompted two other moves in the Bengals’ corporate sales department. Wade Martin, who was senior corporate sales manager, is now in Sells’ old role as assistant director of corporate sales, marketing and broadcasting. Jamie DeLong was also promoted to client services manager.

Sells. What a name for a guy that has to, you know, "sell" tickets for a team that finished 4-12 and are losing many of their high profile players this offseason. High profile, you ask. Yes. Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco are recognizable names that most moderate fans to passing observers recognize. These are the type of people that have no idea CJ even exists.

Based on how hard it was for the team to sellout in 2009, along with failing to sellout four games last season, the increased refusal to renew season tickets, we find it hard to believe that Paul Brown Stadium will sellout in 2011. Sure, the Steelers game is a probably certainty, but the Browns, once a certainty, isn't anymore after failing to sellout last season.

The Bengals made additional moves in the corporate sales department.