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Andrew Whitworth: We've Moved On From Carson Palmer

Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth joined Steve Wyche and Bucky Brooks on the Cover Two Podcast on recently. While chatting about the NFL labor agreement that seems to be gaining momentum now that the lawyers were kicked out (at least briefly), the guys asked Whitworth about Carson Palmer returning.

"(Palmer is) the kind of guy when he says something he means it," Whitworth said tuesday while appearing on's Cover Two podcast. "I feel like people are taking him seriously and we're prepared. He made a decision he feels is best for him and his family and we've moved on."

Whitworth adds his name to a growing list of Bengals players that have said Palmer coming back, at this point, wouldn't be a good idea. The team has found their future starting quarterback and, from most reports, it seems like the team's chemistry and dynamic has actually improved without Palmer. But that actually might be as a result of Chad Ochocinco not being around.