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Adam Schein: Carson Palmer Has Embarrassed Himself On And Off The Field

For the most part players have been diplomatic. At first fans were mad, but for the most part, we're simply shrugging our shoulders now. Nothing we can do about it. Arguing about it gets us no where and why would we want a player that doesn't even want to be here. It's like one of the first universal agreements made by opinionated Bengals fans since the dastardly evil Mike Brown empire originally formed post-Paul Brown.

However, it's almost like it's hitting Fox Sports' Adam Schein all of the sudden.

I don’t think the Bengals quarterback is getting ripped enough for his Houdini Act. Let’s just call it like it is: Carson Palmer has quit on the Cincinnati Bengals.

I understand that he’s frustrated with losing and the Bengals' frugal and wacky ways. I get it. He’s angry that Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis have turned a blind eye to troublemakers and selfish players who are counterproductive to winning. But Palmer needed to change the culture, figuratively grab Brown and Lewis by the throat years ago and demand changes. That’s what Peyton Manning would’ve done.

Schein continues.

Last season, Palmer was a shell of his former self, throwing grotesque picks in big spots, single-handedly losing the Tampa game for the Bengals. I always thought Palmer was underrated in his prime. I called him the “human jugs machine” for his accuracy. But he has embarrassed himself on and off the field in his final days in Cincinnati.