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Cedric Benson Ranks Amongst The Best Pass Blockers At Running Back

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Football Outsiders. Pro Football Focus. Insanity within the insane NFL world where no news right now is actually becoming good news. Unless you like the news that promotes "progress" inside a labor dispute only to find out that progress is another word for "not really progress enough to be hopeful of a resolution soon." Statistical monstrosity to wage informed arguments is one of several outlets we have, enriching our debates of personnel necessity or free agency needs.

And that takes us directly to our headline profile player this week, Cedric Benson. According to Pro Football Focus, as it might be shocking to learn, Cedric Benson was one of the best pass blocking running backs during the 2010 season. Of the 68 pass blocking snaps he took, only three times did he surrender pressure to the quarterback for a Pass Blocking Efficiency score of 3.31. Only nine running backs did better, and none of them are from Pittsburgh or Baltimore.

Using their simplistic formula to rank the most efficient pass blockers, here's how the remaining Bengals running backs compare.

Running Back Pass Blocks Pressures/Hurries Sacks PBE
Cedric Benson 68 3 0 3.31
Brian Leonard 55 1 0 1.36
Bernard Scott 25 3 1 10.0
Chris Pressley 8 2 0 18.75