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Do You Have An Interest To Write For CincyJungle?

That's right. My goal when creating Cincy Jungle over five years ago was providing content, analysis, commentary and whatever my fantastically growing readership has craved. Day and night we bust our humps to come up with conservation that we believe interests you and sometimes we accidentally write something that provokes thought. Because after all, if you're not there, then we're alone in a dark room with a cracks in the ceiling that allows drops of water to fall into a puddle in the corner. And contrary to popular belief, I actually do have a life outside of the Bengals.

So somewhere in the middle, we need to keep searching for writers that write for the site, dedicated to giving you the best information they can.

Yes, that means we're looking for writers and people that are willing to help us out. So keep your eyes open this weekend for our actual announcement and what you need to do to join our winning team.