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Poll: Best Bengals Player To Wear No. 47 All-Time

With our first 40 numbers announced and in the books, we shift our focus to the next grouping of numbers from 41-50. Our first this week is No. 47. And yet much like so many other jersey numbers, No. 47 doesn't offer many choices. Let's go through the nominations.

Charlie King (1968-1969): Spent two seasons with the Bengals as a backup cornerback. He posted one interception with the Bengals that was returned for a touchdown in 1968. He also returned a punt for three yards in 1969.

Greg Bright (1980-1981): Also spent two seasons with the Bengals as a backup safety, posting an interception in 1980 and punt return that gained no yards.

Steve Maidlow (1983-1984): Two seasons with the Bengals as a linebacker, starting two games in 1984.

David Frisch (1993-1994): Frisch wore No. 47 in 1993, changing it to No. 83 during his second season with the Bengals.

Corey Lynch (2008): Probably the most recognizable name on the list because he was the most recent to wear No. 47, Lynch posted an interception during only seven games he played with the Bengals as a backup safety.