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Adam Schein: Bengals Are One Of The Worst Organizations In The NFL

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Here's a question of questions. If you were to judge the Bengals entire organization, where would they rank in the NFL? Would they be number one? Probably not. Even Brad Kostoff, the Pittsburgh Steelers' triple-agent fan that's hardcore into Manchester United this month, might take some convincing to see that the Bengals probably aren't the best organization in the league.

There's the questionable owner, who did the impossible task of making Chris Harrington immortal. There's our illustrious franchise quarterback, who bailed out of Cincinnati as if he accidentally watched a Matthew McConaughey film. There's the team's head coach Marvin Lewis, who is largely praised because his .472 winning percentage is actually considered a success, when factoring the team's ownership into the equation. A praise that I've admittedly handed out multiple times.

The pessimist in me says, this organization isn't in good shape. But that optimist in me says... hold on, let me find him. Just a second. Un momento. Oh yes. The optimist in me says that things will look up; there's fresh blood in the formula (offensive coordinator, quarterback, wide receiver). Both sides of the argument are freely debated in the comments, fanpost and our Facebook page.

FoxSports' Adam Schein ranks each teams organization. Now a power ranking, he warns.

We grade each team on six vital categories — owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles, which include facilities, fan support and public relations.

Oh dear God.

The Bengals are the northern most NFL team without an indoor practice facility. If fan support is determined by attendance, then the Bengals failed to sellout four games in 2010 and save for the annual Steelers game, they're not expected to sellout many games next season either. We would include the Browns as a sure-fire sellout if they didn't fail to sellout last season. And public relations? If there's a team that treats its fans worse than the Bengals (think free popcorn bags as the sticking point to re-upping on season tickets) we have yet to see it. And we're not exactly sure if there was popcorn in those bags. Thankfully in Schein's rankings, the intangibles only counts as one sixth of his total score.

Jesus Christ. I've turned into Brad Kostoff.

Where does Schein rank the Bengals?

29. Cincinnati Bengals: 18

Owner: 1
Quarterback: 2
Coach: 5
Front office: 1
Coaching staff: 8
Intangibles: 1

Marvin Lewis' coaching staff, highlighted by defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, helped save the Bengals from total embarrassment. Owner Mike Brown's head has been in the sand for years. The commitment to the selfish Chad Ochocinco is pathetic and counterproductive to winning. Carson Palmer is likely finished as the quarterback. And let's be honest: He held the team back last season.

What do you think? Is Schein's ranking fair?