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Bengal Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! It's time for another day at work. Another day inside the cubicle "working frivolously" away while your boss is there instead of enjoying some other activity (sleeping, Frisbee golf, poker, yard work, something outdoors, watching movies, etc.).

Have you ever wanted to narrate your own life? Even if it's out of boredom, try it sometime. It can be quite amusing. Honestly, I think if Mike Brown tried that it would go something like this:

"As I walked into my office today I grimaced at the pastry and cup of coffee that were there waiting for me on my desk. As I sat down I took in the smell of the freshly brewed coffee and food. Then I thought to myself, what kind of poison is embedded in this delectable donut? Methane? Etorphine Hydrochloride? Or something much.....wait, wait, don't get yourself so worked up Mikey. Who would want to get rid of you? No one, that's who. Everyone within this organization loves you and so does everyone across the globe. Well maybe not in Costa Rica. I shouldn't have given that reach-around to a lemur while singing Teenage Dream, but that's a problem for another day. Hopefully my peace offering of popcorn will work. And maybe cousin Sue. I may have left her off the invite list for my birthday bash.

Wait, what was I worrying about again? Oh who cares? Everyone loves you Mikey and no one is after you. You're just being paranoid you old fool. Time to eat and listen to some polka music. Who cares about the Bengals anyways? I know I don't"

Alright here's a recap of you may have missed or overlooked from the past three days. Enjoy and have a good day.

  • Former Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens is under an NFL investigation for a casino investment that was made. Don't get me started on casinos. End of story.
  • According to Peter Prisco of, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer could soon be a head coach. If the Bengals are smart then they'll make sure Zimmer doesn't leave for a head coaching position. But with Mike Brown.....I'll let you fill in the blank.
  • In his list of top ten linebackers in the league, Dhani Jones ranked himself as the seventh best linebacker. Well, if he is indeed the seventh best linebacker in the league then the Bengals should resign him. Why not say we have one of the best at something? Other than one of the best owners who lacks knowledge when it comes to building and running an NFL team.
  • Chad Pennington is no longer an option for the Bengals going into next season. Whew, what a sigh of relief. I mean I think it would've been a great move to sign Pennington, give him a fat paycheck only to have him hurt his shoulder while he's playing a game of cornhole or something.
  • Here at Cincy Jungle we're looking to add some bloggers to the rotation. Do you have what it takes?
  • A poll asking who was the best Bengals player of all-time to wear the number 47. Everyone cast your vote.
  • The results for the best Bengals of all-time to wear No. 31-40.
  • More reactions from the recent ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Ranking which saw the Bengals rated as the worst sports franchise in the country. Really? The Raiders are better than us? Crap...Well the Bengals later responded to the rankings. High five to Josh on that one.
  • Tight end Reggie Kelly's pass blocking efficiency score has decreased. But do we sight his age, coming off a significant injury, or that his skills are deteriorating as reason for the decline? Or is it a combination?
  • Fox Sport's Adam Schein, takes a shot at Bengals Carson Palmer saying that he has, "embarrassed himself on and off the field." Hello?!?! Mr. Schein what rock have you been under? He seems to be a little late realizing that.
  • Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth stated that the Bengals have moved on from Carson Palmer.  
  • Bengals running back Cedric Benson ranks amongst the best pass blocking running backs in the league. Maybe that will help with the Bengals decision as to whether or not Benson should be retained.
  • Boomer Esiason talked about the Bengals quarterbacks. He forgot about Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour. Tisk tisk.. 
  • Former Bengal Cris Collinsworth believes Mike Brown will trade Carson Palmer. Is he serious? When did Mike Brown wake up and say "Carson is right. We suck. Time to trade him." I'm not going to hold my breath.
  • And finally, the top ten Bengals prospects.