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PFF: Robert Geathers Is One Of The Least Productive Pass Rushers In The League

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After posting 10.5 quarterback sacks during the team's 2006 season, the Cincinnati Bengals signed defensive end Robert Geathers to a six-year deal worth $33.75 million with $12.5 million guaranteed. Since signing his deal on January 10, 2007, Geathers has recorded 10.5 quarterback sacks in 58 games over the course of the previous four seasons. With two years remaining on his current deal, Geathers is expected to make $3.95 million and $4.2 million respectively over the next two seasons.

It's without question that Geathers has been a disappointment when it comes to hitting the quarterback. Not only is he disappointing, he's graded as one of the worst in the league.

Pro Football Focus has a stat called the "Pass Rushing Productivity".

It’s as simple a formula as ever. You add up all the sacks, hits and hurries a defender gets and divide it by the number of snaps they spent rushing the passer (a stat only found at PFF), multiply it by one hundred and, suddenly, you have a nice, juicy, PRP number to get stuck into.

Note: for the purpose of this study hits and hurries are weighed at three quarters the worth of sacks given that’s the average relationship between sacks and hits/ hurries in our grading. It should also be noted numbers include the playoffs. For 2010, the qualifying minimum was 200 snaps rushing the passer, which left us with 85 rushers to break down.

Kansas City's Tamba Hali (14.07), Carolina's Charles Johnson (13.25), Minnesota's Ray Edwards (12.98), Pittsburgh's LaMarr Woodley (12.80) and Dallas' DeMarcus Ware (12.38) graded out as the league's most productive pass rushers.

Unfortunately, Bengals defensive ends Robert Geathers (4.39) and Michael Johnson (5.36) graded as two of the league's least productive pass rushers last season, according to PFF.

There's more. Over the course of the previous three seasons, Geathers rates as the least productive pass rusher with a PRP score of 4.96.

We took Pro Football Focus' formula and incorporated it amongst all Bengals defensive linemen. You'd be surprised to see who ranked first.

  Pass Rushes Disruptions* PRP
Frostee Rucker 138 18 9.96
Carlos Dunlap 216 24 9.49
Geno Atkins 290 31 8.45
Pat Sims 187 14 6.02
Michael Johnson 406 28 5.36
Antwan Odom 109 7 4.82
Tank Johnson 100 6 4.50
Robert Geathers 450 26 4.39
Domata Peko 290 11 2.84

* Disruptions is total number of quarterback sacks, hurries and hits.