Potential Bengal-to-be QB who promises "special" season

The Real Robinson Report - Facetime w/Donovan McNabb (via RealRobReport)


Now, hold on. I know what your thinking. "No way! I don't want some washed up quarterback in Cincy! Dalton is the man!" Although I agree on the second part, we all have to take a step back and look at Dalton for what he really is at this moment, a rookie QB who came out of anti-pro offensive system from a smaller than your normal college football program. I have all faith in the ginger-snaps for the years to come but lets give the kid some time to learn and grow. 

Donovan McNabb is one of the better quarterbacks of his time. Although he may be on the decline I believe he can still produce as long as he stays healthy. Many experts are liking the sound of McNabb in stripes and I am too with each passing day. Although as a Syracuse, NY resident I may be swayed towards McNabb's corner of the spectrum. But for being a west coast offensive quarterback all his professional career who better to bring in than Mr. McNabb? If there is any quarterback I want teaching Dalton the west coast offensive ways its Donovan McNabb not Jordan Palmer. Not even the UTEP faithful would want Jordan Palmer back under center. I praise him for bringing the team together during Big Bro's absence but I'm sorry if your reading this Jordan, unfortunately your nothing but a quality backup. 

But going back to McNabb, this season is prone to success thanks to the less and stellar competition on the schedule and with McNabb under center and AJ Green on the corner, who knows, this season could be something "special".

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