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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! Hopefully you all had a good Tuesday that consisted of "working" and that you weren't stuck outside in the rain like I was.

So Mike Brown believes that the Bengals can be in the playoffs in 2011. Wait, did he really say playoffs? Yes, I did read that correctly. The PLAYOFFS for crying out loud?!?!! But why is he even talking about the playoffs in the first place? Ever since he took over the reigns as the owner the Bengals have only appeared in the playoffs two times. That's pathetic in my opinion and I know every other Bengals fan would agree with me. I know I don't need to remind everyone of that ugly statistic, but I did. It's not going to go away folks. 

But wait, doesn't there need to be a season in order for the playoffs to happen in the first place? That's right teams usually have to compete against one another and the teams with the top records then go to the playoffs. How did I forget about that?  I guess age is catching up with me and it just "slipped" my mind. Oops...

Don't teams usually do something every week before their Sunday kickoff and even months before the season begins? Oh wait, that's right they practice. Doesn't the old saying go something like this: "Practice makes perfect"? I believe it does and the longer the lockout drags out the less time the Bengals and every other team will have to practice. The Bengals need to practice! Andy Dalton and even Jordan Palmer have to be able to work with their teammates and the coaching staff in order for either to succeed. A.J. Green will need to run routes and get in a rhythm with Dalton or Palmer. The training staff will have to tell Andre Smith to lay off the Big Macs as usual. But none of this can happen until the lockout is lifted. The Bengals will be buried six-feet under gasping for a breath of fresh air compared to some other teams, especially within the AFC North. The Ravens and Steelers will just have to fine tune some quirks and dust off the rust from their equipment. As for the Browns, well it's Cleveland. Do I need to say anything else about them?

Mike Brown you can be a "believer" all you want. But you need to face the reality that the Bengals won't be competing in the playoffs in 2011 and maybe not even for another two or three seasons at the rate you operate this organization. A majority of us fans love Andy Dalton already, but I don't think he's going to lead the Bengals to the playoffs until he is surrounded with a formidable team on offense and defense. And knowing you, that won't be for another two or more seasons.

End random rant.

Alright here's what you may have missed or overlooked from Tuesday.

  • The latest owner's meeting came to an end on Tuesday. There might finally be some light at the end of the tunnel and football may soon be back in action. Let's hope the end is near for the lockout.
  • According to Bengals owner Mike Brown has responded to an angry letter from the fans. Mike Brown equals failure as an owner. See Bengals. End of story.
  • According to ESPN's Adam Schefter players with four, five, and six years of experience will now be able to become unrestricted free agents. Crap..... We're screwed.
  • Linebacker Rey Maualuga wants to be the leader of the defense in 2011. Well if Dhani Jones isn't resigned then it will be time for Maualuga to step up as a leader. Good luck Rey.
  • Adam Schefter made the bold statement saying that the Bengals will play the 2011 season without Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, and Terrell Owens. Wait, we already knew that. Where the heck has he been the past four or five months?
  • The current lockout has turned players into coaches. Well someone has to organize team workouts since coaches can't. Players stepping up for once? Holy crap. Well it's a good change of pace if you ask me.