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Free Wings For Football Fans!!!! (Maybe)

Free Chicken Wings!!!! (maybe)
Free Chicken Wings!!!! (maybe)

As a football fan and a fan of anything fried that is also edible, I am excited to bring you the following news. Buffalo Wild Wings (or BW3's), which I'm sure you've heard of unless you're reading this article from Alaska or from a different continent than North America, is going to give you, yes you, six free wings.


Buffalo Wild Wings has started a promotion called "Save Our Season," whose tagline is, "We're not taking sides. We just want a football season. So join the movement and help us ensure there is one."

By signing the petition, which is on their Facebook wall (now you have an excuse to get a Facebook account if you don't already have one) you will get six free wings in the NFL owners and players come to an agreement before July 20. So, if you're a football fan and you like eating fried chicken wings smothered in one of several delicious sauces, then mosey on over to Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page and join the movement. 

Last time I checked, almost 25,000 people have signed the petition by "liking" it. I'm not exactly sure how much six wings usually cost at a BW3's but I'm assuming it's around $5. If that's the case, right now they're committed to giving away $125,000 worth of buffalo wings and I'm sure it will be much more by the time the lockout officially ends. I'm down to receive some free food.

I wanted the NFL to come to an agreement badly before today because I want my football. Now that I know that I can get some free wings out of a new deal, I really want it to happen. Come on NFL... don't make me go hungry.

Here's the video they made to promote their cause: