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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! Time to rise and....shine? Maybe not shine, but at least wake up. Get an energy drink or some coffee to wake up before your boss notices you snoozing at your desk instead of working.

Alright so if the NFL Network can do a seven minute segment on a sandwich that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ate then I'm going to do something similar or at least involving food. But you can't time this one.

Alright, so picture yourself at a restaurant for the first time and you order a burger or sandwich that the eating establishment is known for. You sit down and order one of their "famous" burgers. As your server brings you your food you begin salivating at just the scent of your juicy burger. Then you sink your teeth into that succulent burger with whatever you wanted on it. The burger tastes amazing and gets your approval. You want more of that burger for an endless amount of time. You return to the restaurant numerous times and order the same exact burger. But as time goes on so does your interest in the burger and restaurant. And eventually you lose hope and return on very seldom occasions.

Now this situation is kind of like being a Bengals fan. As a fan we "hear" a lot of things, but we never see the results we want or expect. We went to the Super Bowl two times. We lost both times. But to look at the bright side we were good enough to make it to the Super Bowl in the first place. So by making it to the prestigious sudden death match-up to determine the champion of the league we should be contending for the playoffs on a yearly basis, right? Wrong. After appearing in the playoffs in 1990 we endured 14 consecutive losing seasons. We had our taste back in the 1980s and wanted more. But it wouldn't be until 2005 until we could have more to feast our eyes on. That season was a glorious one, wasn't it? We returned to postseason action only to be eliminated in the first round. As fans, we were intrigued by how the Bengals played and like tasting that burger for the first time we wanted more. We made it back and should be back next season, right? Wrong again. It wasn't as long of a time gap, but in 2009 we returned only to have semi- deja vu by being eliminated in the first round. So as the Bengals continue this roller coaster of seldom success our interest wanders away from the team. When they make it to the postseason we don't expect much to come of it. And at the rate the team is looking who knows when they will actually be in the playoffs again.

After the Bengals went to the Super Bowl we wanted more. More opportunities to win it all, more playoff appearances, more of everything. We had our taste of the big prize and wanted to be on top. It didn't happen, but we all craved it. With 14 consecutive losing seasons we lost hope and interest because the Bengals have only returned to the playoffs on very rare occasions and with Mike Brown as owner there has been very little reason to remain hopeful in the Bengals.

Alright here's what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.

  • Pro Football Talk examined the top four worst moments in Bengals history since the last work stoppage in 1987. I completely agree with that list. It highlights some of the Bengals most horrific moments in franchise history.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings is offering free wings for football fans if the NFL owners and players cannot come to an agreement by July 20. I'm more of a Quaker Steak and Lube person myself, but I'll take free wings any time of the year. Players and owners keep your stance for about another month so we can get some free wings!
  • Apparently the NFL owners and players are nearing a labor deal, but it's not to the point where we should be worry free. I want this lockout to end, but after hearing about Buffalo Wild Wings giving away free wings if a deal isn't reached by the July 20 deadline then I'm going to remain hopeful that the lockout continues. Pathetic right? Don't judge my motives....
  • Bengals safety Marvin White is going to be hosting a football camp for kids.Good job Marvin for being a positive role model!
  • Join us for our weekly podcast which will take place this Sunday from 7:30-9:00 p.m. It's a work in progress, but you should tune in anyways!
  • According to the Toronto Sun, Bengals defensive tackleTank Johnson is on the list of top-ten athletes to make a comeback after being in jail. Some of Mike Brown's gambles on ""shady" players have worked out for the better in the end. Others not so much.