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Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco is Back in Cincinnati and Ready to Work Out With the Team, Also He Wants to Take You to Dinner

According to Cincinnati Bengals wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco's never ending Twitter stream, he's back in Cincinnati and he's ready to start working out with the team, who have been working out together over the past few weeks. He Tweeted Jerome Simpson (rome089) and asked where the team is working out.

@rome089 what time we working out boss i'm here!!!!less than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

This came after Ochocinco let Simpson know that he was coming on Wednesday, claiming that he had some new drills for the receivers to add to what they had already been doing.

Okay i get there in the morning,got some sick Picasso drills to incorporate in whatever you already been doing RT @rome089: @ochocinco yealess than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Regardless of my feelings about Ochocinco, I'm happy he's back in Cincinnati. Even if he is released once the lockout is lifted, he could impart some knowledge to the extremely young group of receivers on the Bengals roster. We'll let you know more about Chad's participation in the Bengals' workouts when we get a little more information.

Also, just in case you're hungry and you live in the Cincinnati area, Ochocinco is going to buy the first 100 people to show up at Buca Di Beppo's, an italian restaurant in the Hyde Park area, at 7 p.m..

#OCNN 1st 100 people at Buca di Beppo Rockwood Commons 2635 Edmondson Road Norwood,OH eat free on me.Dinner starts at 7pm (PePe loves)less than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Okay... once again, regardless of my feelings about his future with the Bengals, I have to admit, that's really awesome.

Big tip of the hat to James Shively for sending this story our way, along with all of the news he's emailed us over the past few weeks.