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Poll: Best Bengals Player To Wear No. 59 All-Time

We decided that the battle of the Johnsons needed a little clarification on a website with a heavy male readership. I mean how would your wife or girlfriend react if she were to find you reading about two Johnsons, walking past while putting away the laundry? Or worse, would our female readers worry about the direction of this site if there was no context on a Johnson battle?

So clarification is needed. The battle of the Johnsons is a conversation about the best Bengals player to wear No. 59 in franchise history. The names are Landon Johnson and Brandon Johnson. Now we're good. Clarification initiated, context applied and now everyone can be less weirded out.

Landon Johnson spent four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals from 2004-2007, mostly as an outside linebacker but versatile enough to play in the middle when needed. Landon often led the team in tackles during his 64-game Bengals career, averaging 98.5 tackles per season, including 221 tackles between 2006 and 2007. Johnson also recorded an interception, nine forced fumbles and four recoveries -- one returned for a touchdown.

Brandon Johnson joined the Bengals in 2008 and spent the last three seasons in Cincinnati. His playing time has steadily decreased as he gradually became a roll player as a linebacker in nickel situations as well as a special teamer. In 2008, he posted a career high 83 tackles, with a decrease of 58 and 38 during his last two seasons. Johnson also has 3.5 quarterback sacks and three interceptions.