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Bengals Cheerleader Told Her Story On ABC's 20/20

Ben-GALS cheerleader Sarah Jones was on the receiving end of a sleazy website called who claimed that Jones received two "venereal diseases" after having sex "with Bengals football players." At the time that the site was running the story, former Bengals place kicker Shayne Graham contacted Jones to tell her about the posting. Jones and Eric Deters, a Northern Kentucky lawyer and former 700 WLW host (he was fired earlier this month), filed suit.U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ordered Dirty World Entertainment Recordings to pay Jones $11 million for "libel and defamation".

Jones, selected to the 2010 Pro Bowl, on the cover of the 2007 swimsuit calendar and a "side captain" in 2009, was featured on ABC's 20/20 Friday night.