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Bengals Chad Ochocinco Doing His Homework By Studying Quarterback Andy Dalton

For all of the crazy talk about Chad Ochocinco, ranging from his offseason activities to his future with the team, the Bengals wide receiver who holds most of the team's franchise records, is technically signed through the 2011 season. And we have as many arguments that he could be with the team than not -- many of it involving the youth factor at quarterback and at wide receiver. And for all his crazy offseason antics, Chad returned to Cincinnati, ready to workout with the team.

In the meantime, Chad believes that Carson Palmer is serious when he says he'll retire if he's not traded.

"There's this one thing you have to understand about Carson. When a guy that grows a random beard says he's going to do something, he means it," Ochocinco said. "Seriously. Seriously, That's totally out of his character. When someone like that grows a random beard and says he's going to retire -- if he doesn't get traded -- he means business. And it's unfortunate, but it is what it is."

Along with a few glowing remarks about his time with Palmer as the team's quarterback, Chad, like everyone else, has to move on. And that means understanding the team's new quarterback.

"I understand we drafted Andy Dalton, who is a great quarterback, and after getting him, I've done my own homework in watching him ... and he's really good."

This is typical Chad. Go off, do your own thing, but eventually return back to the fold. Sometimes he does it later, but he eventually does it. And if he's going to be with the team, it's good to see that he's back in the city to workout with the team, getting himself ready for a new quarterback.