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Adam Schefter: Possible Landing Spot For Chad Ochocinco Could Be The Chicago Bears

As our suddenly undeclared day of honoring Chad Ochocinco's past, while predicting his future and how that relates to the team, Adam Schefter writes on his ESPN Insider blog that one future destination could be the Chicago Bears (and not as Dhani Jones' implanted double agent to make Brian Urlacher sport a bow-tie).

I also wouldn't completely dismiss the possibility of Chad Ochocinco landing (in Chicago), since Cincinnati is not expected to pay him $6.25 million this season. I will say that I believe Chicago's wide receivers are a bit better than most people think. The Bears can win, and have won, with the receivers they have. But to get another big receiving threat, particularly if it were to weaken a division opponent such as Minnesota -- and the Vikings did the same thing to the Bears when they signed away Bernard Berrian -- would help Cutler and Chicago. It's likely the Bears will make a play on one of those big receivers.

Before anything happens however, the Bengals need to release Chad first and that can only happen when the NFL and the player's union agree to a new collective bargaining agreement.