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Betting on the Bengals: Odds of Dalton or Green Being Named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Hey, If you enjoy wadding your hard earned cash up into little balls and throwing it out the window of your car on the highway then I have a bet that you might like., an Internet gambling site, recently came out with their odds for NFL offensive rookies to win the 2011 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Last year that award went to St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, the year before that it was Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin and the year before that it was Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Bodog lists the 19 players they feel are most likely to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award in 2011 and on that list are Cincinnati Bengals first and second-round draft picks, wide receiver A.J. Green and quarterback Andy Dalton.

There are two players tied with the best odds to be named offensive rookie of the year, Carolina Panthers quarterback and first overall pick Cam Newton and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, who both have 11/2 odds.

Green sits in second place alone with 13/2 odds to be named offensive rookie of the year. That means if you were to bet $1, you would win $6.50 and a bet of $50 would net you a decent profit of $325.

After Green there are six players who have better odds than Dalton, including Mark Ingram (15/2) and Christian Ponder (14/1).

Dalton is tied with Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas with 15/1 odds, which means you bet $1, you get $15. That also means if you lay down a $50 bet, you would get a nice return of $750. It's funny that Green's odds are so much better than Dalton's, especially when you consider that Green's stats in 2011 will likely completely depend on Dalton's.

So, which seems like a better investment: Betting on either Green or Dalton to be named the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year or throwing you money out the window of a moving car?