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Join Us Tonight For's Weekly Podcast

Tonight at 7:30, tune into Real Football Talk with on to hear myself, David Wellman and Joe Goodberry talk about the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL and whatever else comes to mind. Remember, you can call into the show by dialing (661) 449-9301, and if you can't listen at that time, we'll post the podcast on the site so you can listen later. 

As for tonight's topics, we're going to talk about:

  • We're going to break down the second half the Bengals 2011 season, predicting who will win and lose
  • We're going to discuss the new CBA info that will hopefully bring an end to the lockout
  • We're going to talk about which free agents are a priority for the Bengals to re-sign when the lockout is lifted
  • Mike Brown's impact on the NFL labor negotiations
  • Whatever else comes to mind

If there is anything else you would like us to talk about but you don't feel like calling in, leave a comment and we'll check it out.