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Rumblings: Is Michael Bush A Possibility? Make Or Break With Andre Smith

Still Don't Have It Right.'s Michael Lombardi writes what's wrong with the Top-100 NFL Players for 2011. What's wrong with Lombardi's points? None feature Andrew Whitworth.

Joseph Gets Some Love.'s Pete Prisco not only lists Johnathan Joseph as one of the top 50 free agents this offseason. He lists Joseph as the third-best and going to the Detroit Lions.

He didn't have a great season in 2010, but he's still at top cover player who can play man coverage, which makes him valuable.

Benson? Not even listed.

Rivalry Dismissed. ESPN's James Walker writes that the biggest rivalry in the AFC North is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. In truth, he's right. Aside from our obvious intra-divisional distaste for both teams, games between the Ravens and Steelers are generally entertaining if you're a football lover. But I remember a time when the Bengals and Steelers were:


Will Michael Bush Return To Oakland? According to Pro Football Weekly, the Oakland Raiders would like to re-sign running back Michael Bush, as long as the running back isn't looking to start. If Bush is looking for a situation where he becomes a starting running back, then Oakland may let him go to free agency. Cedric Benson remains one of the Bengals top priorities when the new league year begins. But if Benson moves on, the Bengals will have to field options for a new starting running back.

Empty Backfield. With an empty backfield on offense, the Bengals averaged 4.4 yards/play with a -31.8% DVOA according to Football Outsiders. Both ranked 21st amongst all NFL teams.

Make or Break For Andre Smith? What do running back Darren McFadden, outside linebackers Aaron Maybin, Larry English and Robert Ayers have in common with Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith? These players are apart of the 2009 Draft Class that Bucky Brooks writes: It's make or break time for underachievers.