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Join Us for Cincy Jungle's Weekly Podcast Tonight at 7:30

Tonight David and I will be joined by our very own Joe Goodberry for our second weekly podcast. Taking the advice from some of our readers and bloggers, we've switched the way we are hosting our podcast. Instead of holding up a my phone to a microphone connected to my computer like a caveman, we've subscribed to's services.

Why does this matter to you? It matters because it give you a chance to participate and share your thoughts about the Bengals, or whatever you want to talk about, by calling into the show and talking with us. All you have to do is call 661-449-9301 and we'll be able to bring you on air with us to talk some Bengals football.

As for tonight's topics, we're going to discuss some possible free agent quarterbacks that the Bengals might be interested in when the lockout is lifted and free agency resumes, we'll discuss the pros and cons of starting rookie quarterback Andy Dalton immediately, we'll talk about Chad Ochocinco and his extracurricular activities, we'll talk about the Bengals 2011 opponents and whatever else comes to mind.

So, if you're not busy from 7:30-9:00 tonight and you'd like to talk about the Bengals, give us a call and share your opinions, or, if you'd just like to listen, go to and find us at 7:30 by clicking "On Air" at the top of the screen and finding our show "Cincy Jungle Real Football Talk." We'll also post the podcast to the site when we're finished.

See you tonight!